Jul 3, 2008

Cure, now fully loaded with features that cosplayers love

Becoming a Cosplayer Member will unlock functionalities that Normal Members cannot enjoy.Why don't you start a cosplayer career by communicating with other cosplayers?

☆Create a well-written profile
Start your career by introducing yourself to your friends.

>> Fill up your profile from "Edit your profile."

☆Upload your photos
You can upload 5 photos at a time, up to total of 200MB.
Title of the work and name of the character, so don't hesitate to upload your photos!

>> Upload your photos from "Manage Photos"

☆Start your fan club
Cosplayers can enjoy our FanClub feature which enables you to show photos and send messages only to your fans.
If you are a cosplayer, create one and gather your fans!

*When the number of your public photos becomes 10 or more, you can set your photos open only to your FanClub members.

>> Set up your FanClub from "FanClubManagement"

☆Control access to your pages
Configuring access control help you limit the access to your profile, diary, schedule, photos, and guestbook.

Examples of the control are:
"Open pages to public" : Open to anyone.
"Open pages only to Cure members" : Open to any Cure members.
"Open pages only to cosplayers" : Open to cosplayer members of Cure.
"Don't open pages to anyone" : Open to members in the allowd list.

>> Set up open-levels of your pages from "Access Control"

☆Advertise your profile with banners
Place banners on your blog or homepage to introduce your cosplay activities.

>> Copy and use the HTML code from "Link Banner" page.