Jun 11, 2008

Cure released!!

On June 12 (June 11 in the U.S.), we have renewed our website "Cure(curecos.com)," Japan's most famous and popular cosplayer-community.
Cure is a long-time favorite to Japanese cosplayers. Due to its popularity, the number of cosplayers joined to our community has grown large enough to let us struggle with providing the best service out of our older system.
In order to meet our members' satisfaction, we have rebuilt the website from scratch, and today, we launched the renewed version of Cure. While improving our website, we have opened its door to the world wide cosplayers by preparing English written interface. Although English-version still doesn't have full functionalities, we're planning to add them in the order. Don't miss it!!
Thank you.


krz said...

awesome! registering nao :)

AuRiL Patss-Patss KaLEee said...

waghh thanks to made the english subtitle in cure ^^