Jul 3, 2008

Cure, now fully loaded with features that cosplayers love

Becoming a Cosplayer Member will unlock functionalities that Normal Members cannot enjoy.Why don't you start a cosplayer career by communicating with other cosplayers?

☆Create a well-written profile
Start your career by introducing yourself to your friends.

>> Fill up your profile from "Edit your profile."

☆Upload your photos
You can upload 5 photos at a time, up to total of 200MB.
Title of the work and name of the character, so don't hesitate to upload your photos!

>> Upload your photos from "Manage Photos"

☆Start your fan club
Cosplayers can enjoy our FanClub feature which enables you to show photos and send messages only to your fans.
If you are a cosplayer, create one and gather your fans!

*When the number of your public photos becomes 10 or more, you can set your photos open only to your FanClub members.

>> Set up your FanClub from "FanClubManagement"

☆Control access to your pages
Configuring access control help you limit the access to your profile, diary, schedule, photos, and guestbook.

Examples of the control are:
"Open pages to public" : Open to anyone.
"Open pages only to Cure members" : Open to any Cure members.
"Open pages only to cosplayers" : Open to cosplayer members of Cure.
"Don't open pages to anyone" : Open to members in the allowd list.

>> Set up open-levels of your pages from "Access Control"

☆Advertise your profile with banners
Place banners on your blog or homepage to introduce your cosplay activities.

>> Copy and use the HTML code from "Link Banner" page.

Jun 11, 2008

Cure released!!

On June 12 (June 11 in the U.S.), we have renewed our website "Cure(curecos.com)," Japan's most famous and popular cosplayer-community.
Cure is a long-time favorite to Japanese cosplayers. Due to its popularity, the number of cosplayers joined to our community has grown large enough to let us struggle with providing the best service out of our older system.
In order to meet our members' satisfaction, we have rebuilt the website from scratch, and today, we launched the renewed version of Cure. While improving our website, we have opened its door to the world wide cosplayers by preparing English written interface. Although English-version still doesn't have full functionalities, we're planning to add them in the order. Don't miss it!!
Thank you.