Aug 25, 2009

Anime Expo 2009 report is now available!

Thank you for using Cure every time.

Cure's webmaster Tatsumi Inui and the most famous male cosplayer KANAME☆ visited Los Angels all the way from Japan!

One of the best and one of a kind Cosplay event, Anime Expo 2009, was so sensational and crowded with as many as 44,000 cosplayers. We found out that One Peace and FF are not only famous in Japan, but also overseas. Their quality was fascinating and we really enjoyed communicating with them.


Aug 20, 2009

Released two new features!!

Released two new features!!

Thank you for using Cure every time.

We proudly inform you that we released two new features including photo comment and Star features.

Photo comment feature
Now you can get comments on your public pictures.
(You have to change configurations to get comment.)

You can choose one of "Login user" or "Cosplayer" to set who can leave comments on your pictures. Eather way, the users who are not logged in can not comment on any pictures.

Star feature

You can put star marks on any public pictures that you like.
You can't, however, put more than one star on one picture.
Remember, ONE for each!
Only the photo owner can see how many stars a picture got.
And NOBODY, including the owner, knows who stared on them.
Don't hesitate to push the star!

We will really appreciate you for using those new features!