Feb 15, 2013

Joint Cure-COSMODE project is now accepting submissions for the 13th entry period!

Thank you for visiting Cure.

"cosnaps in The World Wide" -the tie-up project of Cure and the Japan's top
cosplay magazine "Cosmode" is now starting to accept entries for
the 13th entry period.

This is a joint project of web and magazine.
The COSMODE editorial office will select photos from the entries submitted
through Cure and those selected will be featured in the "cosnaps in The
World Wide" corner.

This is a chance to get your cosplay photo on the leading Japanese
cosplay magazine "COSMODE"!
Get the chance by posting your favorite photo.

The 13th entry period will end at 15:00 on Feb 7, 2013 (Japan time)

The selected photos will appear on the Volume 51 of COSMODE
to be published on April 5, 2013.

When applying, you must agree to the contest rules.

Photos to be entered to the Contest must be;
- a photo of yourself in your costume,
- a photo in which you are the predominant subject, and
- a single image of yourself (no other human image).

"cosnaps in The World Wide" Entry form is available here.

We are waiting for your entry!


KristenMo said...

If the entry period ends on Feb 7th, why did you post this blog entry on Feb 15th? The entry period is already finished.

KristenMo said...
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Anonymous said...

There is an ERROR in the Blog Entry; the Deadline is on 27th February 2013.