Mar 26, 2012

New function "Photo List" page released!

Thank you for using Cure!

Today, we have released a new function "Photo List" and also
redesigned photo related pages.

New function "Photo List"

You can easily look through all photos uploaded by a specific cosplayer.
It is also possible to filter all photos by a character name or title.

※Fan Club only photos will not be shown to anyone other than Fan Club members.
※Photos with limited privacy setting will not be shown.

New design and the name change of Star

New design for photo pages

We introduced new designs to photo pages so that photos will be
displayed more beautifully and users can see lots of photos easily.
If you want to see all photos by a specific user, please visit a new
function "Photo List" tab. If you want to check each album, please
visit "Album List" tab.

Star has been changed to Like!

The rating button is now called Like! The rating function itself does
not change.

Change in album colors

For this redesign, we have changed a default color to gray. If you
prefer to have the same color before the redesign, please select a new
color "aqua" in the "Album Edit" page.

We hope you like our new design. Thank you!


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