Dec 28, 2011

Enjoy cosplay with people all around the world! "WorldCosplay" open!

We are pleased to announce the launch of "WorldCosplay (Beta)", our new web platform for cosplayers!
WorldCosplay is a place for all international cosplayers and cosplay fans to share photos and find new favorite cosplayers.

Enjoy cosplay with people all over the world! "WorldCosplay (Beta)"

WorldCosplay is completely new and different from Cure for several points.

We are working so that WorldCosplay will be an open and worldwide platform for cosplayers.
For example, you can share your favorite photos via Twitter and Facebook.
Also, we have various international rankings for cosplayers!

The website is currently available in 12 languages; Japanese, English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, French, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, German and Italian.
WorldCosplay is still in beta but we are hoping that Cure users try it out and give us feedback!

We look forward to seeing you at WorldCosplay!

* WorldCosplay is currently available only for PC but we are working hard to open the smartphone-optimized version soon.
* Please note that we will continue to work on the English version of Cure.


Xemnas said...

Hey ^^
The design of worldcosplay is simple but cool.
It's easy to handle,fast and uncomplicated to upload photos, easy to find cool cosplay-photos.... BUT
I think it's VERY sad that noone can write the other in ANY way! There is no comment option and no guestbook :( It's more like a "how gets mor klicks"-competition like a nice community to share and discuss cosplay and photography.

Would make me sad if this would end up like for example.

I think right now CURE is way better.

+The TOP Rated ppl. will never chance if they appear permanently on the front-page. I think this will make many ppl. angry. :(

Jorge Chacon said...

i support the comment above ^^^^

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for the new cosplay site! ^.^
But as for the other comments, it's pointless if it's too much like or, it needs to be unique to be worth any time. So I hope it's not too much like either.

Rydia said...

I know the website is beta but, could you please upload the names of the characters for Legend of Dragoon? There is the videogame, but not the characters.

HylianLink (HYDE) said...

i have a problem with my account T, T i forgot my password, i cant enter to it T, T i need help on it T, T
i try it to the page send me the reminder pasword but never appears on my e-mail T, T


my #cure is: Cure No.229170