Dec 21, 2010

Launched 'Friend' feature!

Thank you for visiting Cure.
Today, 2010/12/20(Japan time), We are introducing you a new feature, 'Friend.'

■What is 'Friend'?
Friend is a social relationship in Cure, which is almost the same as what you imagine with the word 'friend' in real world.
We decided to introduce this feature to encourage more direct communication in Cure,

■What can I do with this?
When you and somebody become friends, your friend's latest photos will be displayed on your 'My Cure' page, so you won't miss them any more!
You can set your profile and message's private settings to 'Friend only.'

More and more features that deal with 'Friend' are coming in the near future.

■How to become a Friend?
Visit somebody's profile page and click 'Add to Friend' to send Friend request.
You can add request message as long as 200 characters.

Once you send a Friend request, you can not cancel this.

■Confirming Friend request
When you receive a Friend request, an icon by the Cure's logo image will indicate you.
Click the icon to visit confirmation page.
Select 'Confirm,' 'Not Now' or 'Delete.'

Request denial will not be noticed by the requesting person.

■Privacy settings
New privacy settings' rule is as follows.
Open to...
- Everyone
- Cure members
- Cosplayers Only
- Friend + your fan club members Only
- Friend Only

You can not set profile and message settings separately.

We will keep updating our service so you can enjoy your cosplay life.

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

On trying to accept a friend request yields an "invalid request" error message. The same operations works ok on